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Memoirs of a New Gay: Ch.19

Ch.19 I’m Better Off? I Sure As Hell Hope So. The next several days I spent in a complete haze. I could barely sleep, I didn’t feel like eating anything. I was just going through the motions of my day-to-day life. Everyone was asking if I was okay. I just smiled and said, “Yes.” I … Continue reading

Memoirs of a New Gay: Ch.18

Ch.18: The Text I expected to wake up in the middle of the night with a drunken phone call or text from Justin, and I didn’t receive anything. The next morning I awoke expecting to see a missed call from him, or a text responding to my ‘good night’ text that I had sent him, … Continue reading

Memoirs of a New Gay: Ch.16

Ch.16: I Promise You “Forever.” I should have ignored Justin’s phone call. I should have declined the call, wiped my tears, gone to sleep, and pretend as if the night had never occurred. But I couldn’t. I wanted to hear his voice. I wanted to hear his reasoning for why he didn’t want to spend … Continue reading

Memoirs of a New Gay: Ch.14

Ch.14: Island Prime With ‘Ol Blue Eyes It turned out that Justin actually had to work a double the following day, so we both decided that we should celebrate our monthly anniversary on the eighth instead of the sixth of October. When it came to our relationship we normally would both switch¬†things up in the … Continue reading

Memoirs of a New Gay: Ch.12

Ch.12: Whoever Said, “Blondes Have More Fun” Was a Total Liar. I love change. Well, at least change when it comes to myself. I love to switch things up with my hair, style, tattoos, piercings, etcetera. I’m like a chameleon in the way that I never like to look the same. ‘Same’ to me is … Continue reading

Memoirs of a New Gay: Ch.10

Ch. 10: “Fuck You’s,” Flowers, & Apologies. When we had finally gotten back to Klaus’ apartment the first thing that I wanted to do was raid Klaus’ fridge. Having a solid buzz always made me hungry and I was sure that Klaus had just went shopping at Costco. Corndogs, hot pockets, and frozen pretzels – … Continue reading

Memoirs of a New Gay: Ch. 8

Ch. 8: Jealousy & Domestic Abuse All in One Night? How’d I Get So Lucky? Jealousy is a huge issue for me. If there is one thing that I find more unattractive than a receding hair line and paunch abdomen is the disastrous trait known as jealousy. Not only does it showcase a persons insecurities, … Continue reading

Memoirs of a New Gay: Ch.7

Ch.7: So Are We Officially Official Now? It had already been a week living in my new beach house so the roomies and I decided that it was time for an official house-warming party – just another reason to get completely shit faced and make all our other friends jealous of our new humble abode. … Continue reading

Memoirs of a New Gay: Ch. 4

Ch. 4: I Don’t Even Know His Last Name I¬†decided to meet up with Klaus with Brit’s girlfriend, Audrey, and I was nervous as all hell. I had never stepped foot in Bourbon Street before, but Audrey said that it wasn’t going to be a big deal and to just go with the flow when … Continue reading

Memoirs of a New Gay: Chapter 2

***SIDENOTE:While the novel I wrote back in 2008 is completely non-fiction, I have to change the names of some individuals due to…legality reasons. So, while the names may be fictitious, the events, places, and random encounters are all too real. Again, I don’t plan on publishing the entire novel through my blog, just random chapters … Continue reading

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