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The Day My Childhood Was Destroyed

As a child I loved to go shopping with my mother. Whether it was going to the local mall or going to the random boutiques that she loved so much, if she said, “I’m gonna go shopping, do you wanna go?” I would respond by jumping into the front seat, seatbelt strapped, and ready to … Continue reading

Editing 101

To edit is to change – to basically transform a cluster of mess and create something better than what it was previously. I’m a bad editor. Not terrible or horrible, but I do admit that when it comes to editing I am not the best person for the job. And I’m not just talking about … Continue reading

Hydrants in the City

Listen, I’m all about fire safety and taking the proper precautions to prevent forest fires – I’ve seen plenty of Smokey the Bear commercials growing up as a kid. That and having a father who was a Firefighter turned Engineer turned Fire Captain by the time I became a teenager – I was constantly told … Continue reading

I May Be Vain, but I'm Also Insecure

Lip Print Favorite thing? Are we talking physically? Oh, ok…well, if I would have to say what my favorite thing about myself is I would have to say my lips. I absolutely love my lips. There was a time when I was younger where I actually wanted to have plastic surgery to some how shrink … Continue reading

Vancouver: You’ve Just Been Perk’d

Dearest Vancouver: You’ve just been Perk’d. Congratulations. I would say that you should feel sublimely special that I have given your city a little piece of me {Britney?}, but in reality I am the one who feels superbly exceptional in the City of Maple. This IS the City of Maple, right?? If not, this is … Continue reading

The Best Breakup Ever

“Marc, before you go…can I talk to you upstairs?” This is it. It’s happening. We’re done. Walking up those wooden stairs I knew that only two things could happen: 1. I was either going to be spoken to about my poor performance that evening behind the bar and possibly be given a pep-talk about stepping … Continue reading

Random Facts for My Perky Bucketheads.

I’m a very special guy, at least – that’s what my mom says and she’s never wrong. What makes me so special? Well my Perky Bucketheads, oh I’m sorry – what’s a Perky Buckethead? Well, Gaga has ‘Little Monsters,’ Katy has ‘Katy Kats,’ and Nicki has ‘Barbz’ so readers, I am deeming you all ‘Perky … Continue reading

Oh Oreo, You’re So Gay! (Version #2)

I find bigots and narrow-minded individuals quite entertaining. I mean, it’s quite easy to get upset and feel the anger bottle up inside when I hear and see comments about the homosexual community, but then I take a step back. I take a step back and I say to myself, “Self, you can’t be bothered … Continue reading

The Best Birthdays Have Dinosaurs & Badass Goodybags

Birthdays have always been a big deal for me ever since I was a wee-one. From my thirteenth birthday party at the local bowling alley, to my eighteenth when I first got my nose pierced which made my mom ballistic; I have had the pleasure of many jubilant┬ábirthdays. But none of them can compare to … Continue reading

To Forgive & Forget.

“The only thing left to do is forgive and forget. I want to forgive you and I want to forget you.” – Lauren Conrad Let that sink in for a minute or two…how badass is Lauren for speaking this profound statement? I mean, it truly is a powerful verbal punch to the gut. We’ve all … Continue reading

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