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Blurb: Pretty Little Secret

So just recently I have joined this site ‘Plinky’ where it throws out daily writing prompts. Some are good, some are bad, and others are just…intrusive. Like todays prompt: “What’s the biggest secret you’ve kept from someone close to you?” Really, Plinky? You want me to air my deepest and darkest secret to you!? We’ve … Continue reading

Blurb: Hey I Just Met You…

¬†Unless you’ve been living under a rock or just think that you’re too-cool-for-school with listening to the most recent Top 40 hits, then I am sure you’ve heard the tune “Call Me Maybe” by the very cute Canuck, Ms. Carly Rae Jepsen. The tune is beyond catchy and the video is a delight as well … Continue reading

Blurb: I’m Getting Too Mature For This Sh#%

I’m roughly five weeks away from turning 27. I never thought I would be one to say this, but I think I may be getting too…mature (I forbid myself from using the word “old”) with my old ways of day drinking. I know…it’s crazy to even think this considering just a few years ago I … Continue reading

Blurb: Solo Taxi Ride

Sitting in a NY taxi solo right now for the first time, bound for JFK airport and all I can think about is…I have to use the restroom. Ugh. Why?!? Why now?! Besides the summersaults that are occurring in my tummy; I also can’t help to think that I truly have fallen in love with … Continue reading

Blurb: NYC Playlist – Round 3

Tonight my Mother and I will be taking a nine, NINE hour flight to NYC and while I’m not excited about the flight I am very excited to share this visit with my beautiful Mother. It’s her first flight ever and while I’ve been on several flights now I just hope that I can calm … Continue reading

Blurb: What Was I Thinking?

I’ve spoken about my eclectic music preferences before & how stellar it is, but I haven’t always made the best choices when selecting an album. My siblings will be the first to tell anyone how much they teased me with the music that I bought, & yet I always defended my choices & even though … Continue reading

Blurb: Learn to Crawl Before You Walk

Dear GoGo boys*: Let me start off this blurb by stating that I’m not writing this to be mean, catty, bitchy, or even come off as cunty. Scouts honor. If anything, I’m writing this to help you out. You’re welcome. I will also state that I am not jealous of you so you can wipe … Continue reading

Blurb: The Hunger Games…I Live for You.

I’ve decided to add another category to my world renown blog {in my eyes it’s world renown so shut up}. So this new Blurbs category will surround just random thoughts that I have that exceed the twitter-sphere limit, and instead of allowing these gems to go unnoticed I will bless the world with them. You’re … Continue reading

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