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There’s NO DOUBT About It – Gwen & The Boys Are Back!

First of all, how in the hell is it possible that Gwen Stefani, now 43-years-old, still looks like she’s 25?! Someone explain this to me – and don’t you dare say she has gone under the knife like Ms. Montag or that bitter old hag known as Madonna, that would just be a blatant lie. … Continue reading

The Best Breakup Ever

“Marc, before you go…can I talk to you upstairs?” This is it. It’s happening. We’re done. Walking up those wooden stairs I knew that only two things could happen: 1. I was either going to be spoken to about my poor performance that evening behind the bar and possibly be given a pep-talk about stepping … Continue reading

Random Facts for My Perky Bucketheads.

I’m a very special guy, at least – that’s what my mom says and she’s never wrong. What makes me so special? Well my Perky Bucketheads, oh I’m sorry – what’s a Perky Buckethead? Well, Gaga has ‘Little Monsters,’ Katy has ‘Katy Kats,’ and Nicki has ‘Barbz’ so readers, I am deeming you all ‘Perky … Continue reading

Memoirs of a New Gay: Ch.18

Ch.18: The Text I expected to wake up in the middle of the night with a drunken phone call or text from Justin, and I didn’t receive anything. The next morning I awoke expecting to see a missed call from him, or a text responding to my ‘good night’ text that I had sent him, … Continue reading

Thanks LADY GAGA for the Personal Birthday Song.

Today’s my birthday. Yup. Twenty-seven years young and going strong. And as excited I am for this new year, I am even more excited that I was surprised with the remarkable ‘Birthday Wishes’ from the one…the only…LADY GAGA. Whaaa?! You don’t believe me? Pish posh my dear friends, because as they say in Essex, “The … Continue reading

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