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Blurb: I’m Getting Too Mature For This Sh#%

I’m roughly five weeks away from turning 27. I never thought I would be one to say this, but I think I may be getting too…mature (I forbid myself from using the word “old”) with my old ways of day drinking. I know…it’s crazy to even think this considering just a few years ago I … Continue reading

To Forgive & Forget.

“The only thing left to do is forgive and forget. I want to forgive you and I want to forget you.” – Lauren Conrad Let that sink in for a minute or two…how badass is Lauren for speaking this profound statement? I mean, it truly is a powerful verbal punch to the gut. We’ve all … Continue reading

Memoirs of a New Gay: Ch.12

Ch.12: Whoever Said, “Blondes Have More Fun” Was a Total Liar. I love change. Well, at least change when it comes to myself. I love to switch things up with my hair, style, tattoos, piercings, etcetera. I’m like a chameleon in the way that I never like to look the same. ‘Same’ to me is … Continue reading

21st Century Riot Girl: Chalon Pires

Since the last interview posting there has been a lot of positive feedback with this particular blog and I couldn’t be any more satisfied. Naturally I was brainstorming about who I would interview next and what story would unfold, but alas my professional life came into play and my focus has been constant on substitute … Continue reading

Simply Misunderstood & Not Naïve About It: John Ealy

This whole interviewing/journalist journey that I have embarked on is still new to me, so I’m sure that as time progresses and this project continues to flourish I will come across certain individuals who aren’t too keen on being interviewed. I was a bit anxious that my next subject and story was going to be … Continue reading

A Man of Integrité Who is More Than Just Your Neighborhood Stylist.

The afternoon sun is barely peeking through the over-cast sky in the city of San Diego, California. In the apartment upstairs filled with random storage boxes, hair products, and salon decor – right above Integrité Salon: Hillcrest, Daniel Ferriera moves several storage boxes exposing a comfortable black chair that I can sit on while I … Continue reading

Blurb: Solo Taxi Ride

Sitting in a NY taxi solo right now for the first time, bound for JFK airport and all I can think about is…I have to use the restroom. Ugh. Why?!? Why now?! Besides the summersaults that are occurring in my tummy; I also can’t help to think that I truly have fallen in love with … Continue reading

New York Takeover: You’ve Just Been Perked!

The day before leaving for New York I decided to make a shit ton of plethora of flyers promoting this blog. Neon pink, hot red, and a dull yellow were the choices to print and I will not say how I made the copies, but let’s just say…my Greenfield side came thru. Over 300 small … Continue reading

Blurb: NYC Playlist – Round 3

Tonight my Mother and I will be taking a nine, NINE hour flight to NYC and while I’m not excited about the flight I am very excited to share this visit with my beautiful Mother. It’s her first flight ever and while I’ve been on several flights now I just hope that I can calm … Continue reading

Memoirs of a New Gay: Ch.10

Ch. 10: “Fuck You’s,” Flowers, & Apologies. When we had finally gotten back to Klaus’ apartment the first thing that I wanted to do was raid Klaus’ fridge. Having a solid buzz always made me hungry and I was sure that Klaus had just went shopping at Costco. Corndogs, hot pockets, and frozen pretzels – … Continue reading

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