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To Be or Not to Be?

It’s like Hamlet said, “To my own self be true,” wait, or was it that Polonius guy who said it? Cher? Earth to Cher, come in Cher! I should probably know Shakespeare quite accurately by now since I read many of his works {cliffsnotes¬†counts right} throughout my high school and college career, but there are … Continue reading

The Letter

The Letter -M. Chavez-Rodriguez Just let me stay to state my ongoing quest. I have a small letter to give with few angles and no curves. It is bright and majestic, short and to the point. You need not speak just listen. So let me stay to question my state, to search my nation for … Continue reading

Blurb: Learn to Crawl Before You Walk

Dear GoGo boys*: Let me start off this blurb by stating that I’m not writing this to be mean, catty, bitchy, or even come off as cunty. Scouts honor. If anything, I’m writing this to help you out. You’re welcome. I will also state that I am not jealous of you so you can wipe … Continue reading

Blurb: The Hunger Games…I Live for You.

I’ve decided to add another category to my world renown blog {in my eyes it’s world renown so shut up}. So this new Blurbs category will surround just random thoughts that I have that exceed the twitter-sphere limit, and instead of allowing these gems to go unnoticed I will bless the world with them. You’re … Continue reading

How Am I Not Employee of the Month?

I’m not a people person. I never have been nor do I see myself suddenly changing anytime soon. I’d rather have someone do something for me then vice versa. Just ask my husband Daryus, he says that he is my personal assistant because I’m constantly asking him to do the simplest things for me. Don’t … Continue reading

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