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What’s the Beef: Davie Village’s “Celebrities” Exposes Hard Candy

Vancouver’s Gay scene isn’t restricted to a certain area within the City of Glass; it’s just more prominent in the Davie Village area. It doesn’t matter if you’re strolling through Yaletown or Granville Island or the Gaslamp district – there is a lot of Gay all around, but not in the way as if it’s … Continue reading

Free to be Me

I’m starting to understand now. I understand what Daryus means when he says that Vancouver is a place where people can really be comfortable to be who they are. There is a sense of Freedom out here that I have heard about since I first met Daryus. I thought that he was just being biased … Continue reading

There’s No Need to be Tired in Vdot

Seriously, there should be no reason to be tired in Vancouver, BC or Vdot {as my Hubby likes to refer to it} due to the fact that in less than a mile radius I have to use more than both my hands to count how many Starbucks, Blenz Coffee (Sbux obvious competition), and every other … Continue reading

Gym Etiquette & Pet Peeves

There are simple and general rules when it comes to gym etiquette. These rules are not difficult to understand nor are they some form of hidden code or conduct that only dedicated gym rats, myself included, abide by whenever we enter a gym. Till this day I still do not understand why certain individuals do … Continue reading

I’m. So. Emo.

Every time I go back home to Bakersfield I like to dig through old boxes of pictures, books, journals and other knick-knacks that showcase my past. My adolescence. All I have to say is – I really was a G-damn Emo kid. Seriously. I mean, I don’t know how many poems that I wrote about … Continue reading

Daddy Issues

Everyone has them. And if you say you don’t – you’re a G-damn liar. Or you are telling the truth and in which case – you bore and bother me at the same time.  I’m sorry, but as Senses Fail claims, “All the best cowboys have daddy issues.” I’ve had them. My best friends had them. They’re … Continue reading

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